Tue 23JUN15

7:30 AM

PT appointment- had to shift my schedule around.

10:00 AM

For time, 5 rounds of:
15 cal SkiErg… subbed with assault bike
5 Deadlifts (170/120kg)… 375#
4m Roll Barbell forward
Handstand walk back to SkiErg(starts at 4m, increases 4m each round)
___Time cap: 10 min

4m into last HSW- Finished at 10:44
– Measured out the distances for this one.
– Paced this one all wrong. Thought the DL to the HSW would be more difficult so I went quick singles on the DL’s. Last two rounds went unbroken TnG DL’s with no problem. HSW’s did get a bit harder but not much. Only fall during the HSW’s was the last set when I had to look at the clock for the time cap. Then twice after that. Assault bike was consistently around 70 RPM.

2:30 PM

For time, 6 rounds:
4 Back Squat (140/100kg)… 310#
4m Legless Rope Climb from seated… 13′
40-80m Run (move cone)
___Time Cap: 8 min

Finished at 8:08
– Not sure if I did the run right:
1st run- moved cone from 0-40m, ran back (80m total: 40 down, 40 back)
2nd run- ran to 40m, moved cone 40m to 50m, ran back (50 down, 50 back)
3rd run- ran to 50m, moved cone 50m to 60m, ran back (60 down, 60 back)
4th run- ran to 60m, moved cone 60m to 70m, ran back (70 down, 70 back)
5th run- ran to 70m, moved cone 70m to 80m, ran back (80 down, 80 back)
6th run- ran thru cone (80m)
– Back squats unbroken from rack. Did get harder than I thought.
– Legless rope climb not bad.


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