Sat 16MAY15

1:00 pm

90 min AMRAP
1300m Row
200m Farmer’s Walk 70#/h
15 Wall Walks
42 Double Unders

– Wall walk standards: start push up position, walk sternum to walk, and walk back to push up position. No falling out from inverted position.

7 + 90m FW

– Felt a ton better today.
– Each round was under 12 min until the last couple rounds which were right at 12 min.
– Rows were all about 5 min long. About 250m per minute with a slight increase in pace the last 300m. Last couple rounds were just over 5 min to complete.
– Farmer’s walk were split up into 50m increments at first. Then 25m increments.
– Wall walks were all sets of 3’s and 2’s. The last two rounds I had to go 5/5/5 and 6/5/4 in order to keep pace since my farmer walks got slower.
– All DU’s were unbroken.
90 min amrap score


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