Sat 30MAY15

1:00 PM

A. Strict Press – find your 10RM
3 RFT:
50 unbroken DUs
40 unbroken WB’s – 20-10ft
30 unbroken KBS – 2pd
20 unbroken pull ups
10 unbroken dHSPU – 3″

A. 145
– Quick, consistent tempo.
26:00 total time
– Holy shoulders. Wall ball to heavier KBS combo was rough. Last 10 reps of each movement during the last set were very tough.
– Lots of standing around to ensure sets were unbroken.
– First set done at 6:00. Second set 6:30 to 15:30. Third set 16:30 to 26:00.
– Form is getting better on the DU’s when tired.
– Wall balls felt in the shoulders. Legs are fine.
– KBS where hitting the grip hard.
– Pull ups were easy.
– dHSPU not hard at all either. Knocked them out fairly easily.


Fri 29MAY15

3:00 PM

A. BS @22X1; 3,3,[3]; rest 3-4 min
B. Emom 10 min – PC + HPC – building sets, moderate loads, speed focus
5 sets @consistent effort:
1 RC – 15′
10 GH sit ups
10 DB step ups – 35#
Rest walk 2 min


AB 1 min @70 RPMs
rest walk 1 min
x 6

A. 275, 295, 320
B. Started at 155, jumped by 10# each set, finished at 245
– Right forearm started to act up the last couple sets.
– Widened the grip and stance, helped a ton.
1. 1:28
2. 1:28
3. 1:26
4. 1:24
5. 1:22

Done on an old school air dyne

Mon 24MAY15 thru Thu 28MAY15


1 hours skill work
– Back Uprise on Rings and Free Standing HSPU


3 Day Protein Detox

No work besides the bike rides to and from the gym.

OPEX Protein Deload

Tuesday Notes:
– Was hungry all day.
– Headache at 2pm with no energy.
– Felt like crap.
– Felt like wrestling season all over again.

Wednesday Notes:
– Still hungry but not as much as Tuesday.
– Headache again around 2pm but had more energy.

Thursday Notes:
– By far the easiest day.
– Felt fine today.
– Still got a slight headache around 2pm but not nearly as bad as the previous days.
– Also went on a 1 hour and 40 min walk along the lake front with the dogs.

Overall Notes:
– Followed almost perfectly.
– Only real cheat was the LARA Bars I had- 1 or 2 a day. Also had a little bit peanut butter each day.
– Also did not drink any vegetable juice. Bad college experience with vegetable juices has left me scarred for life.

Sat 23MAY15

1:00 pm

A. FS- 1RM
3k Run
– use 400m track

A. 365#
– Used the wide grip again, felt weird but no pain.
– Haven’t front squatted in awhile and it didn’t feel comfortable.
– Mile time was 6:48
– Should have pushed it harder. Was able to sprint the last 200m with no real problem. But also looking back I was probably right under that HR dfl point so if I would have went any harder I probably wouldn’t have been able to hold the pace. Tough to say though since I haven’t done that type of running lately. Just have been doing 20 min easy jogs here and there.

Fri 22MAY15

2:30 pm

A. Press- 1RM
B. WCU- 1 RM
5 min AMRAP- strict chin ups
– pronated grip
– must complete eccentric before letting go
– 36″ hand allowance

Rest Exactly 10 min

5 min AMRAP- Strict HSPU
– max hand allowance box 36″x24″


Morning Body Weight= 207#

A. 185
– Felt very heavy. I know I have pressed my BW before. Might have something to do with me widening my grip to see if my forearms would hurt. Which they didn’t but the wider grip feels very different.
B. BW + 110#
strict CU = 50 reps
– 10 reps/min pace. It was hard to keep that pace the last minute.

strict HSPU = 54 reps
– 5’s to 35, 3’s to 53, then a single
– These felt good today.

– First day in the front rack since last week Monday. Widened the grip which felt awkward but no pain.

Mon 18MAY15

2:00 pm

A. Power Snatch 1RM
– film final set
B. RDL @30×0; 8,8,8RM
– pronated grip, no straps
5 RFT:
7 PS @ 155#
14 alt pistols

A. 110 kg (miss 114kg)… 242.5# and 251.3#
B. 70, 100, 110 kg (242.5#)
– Stayed lighter due to grip. Forearms are feeling good so I didn’t want to push it. The 110kg was pretty easy, just grippy.
– Snatches all 4/3
– HSPU all UB
– Pistols got a lot harder than expected.
– Felt like I haven’t “CrossFitted” in a while with this one.

Decided to mix it up and lift in kilos with a good oly bar today. Forearms are feeling good.