Sat 14FEB15

9:00 AM
A. FT:
Row 1k
50 strict HSPU
Open workout 14.4

A. 8:04
– 3:23.7 row
– HSPU’s split up 8/8/8/6/5’s- pretty happy with that
225 reps (1 complete round + 25 cals)
– 1st row kept at about 1600 cal/h.
– T2B split into 5’s and were pretty easy and consistent to 50.
– Wall balls split into 20’s.
– Cleans split into 5’s.
– MU’s split up 3/3/2’s.
– 2nd row kept at about 2000 cal/h until the finish.
– Reflecting on the workout, I could have definitely gone harder. Didn’t really push it or redline until the second row. I could probably do the wall balls UB and can be faster through the cleans. MU’s I should have gone 3/2 all the way up to 20. I felt like I could have done the workout again and gotten a better score when I walked off that second row. I also know I can do better because my shoulders and grip where pretty sore from the previous 2 days. In addition, this workout wasn’t done around noon when I perform best. So pretty freaking happy with the score.

Row 1k TT
– Didn’t get this done. Traveled to watch my brother wrestle. He made it to the state finals tournament as a sophomore.


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