Wed 21JAN15

8:00 AM
AD 30 sec @85%
AD slow spin 30 sec
x 30

5:00 PM
A. Emom 10 min – Thruster x 1 – tough load, building sets
B. 8 sets – every 45 sec – 15 wall ball + 6 burpees
rest as needed
Amrap set of CTB chin ups x 2 – rest as needed b/t each set, video
100 DU
9 Tng PS- 135#
75 DU
7 Tng PS
50 DU
5 Tng PS

A. 200 -> 230 by 10’s then 230 -> 260 by 5’s
B. Treated this like an emom but with 45 sec. Very very hard to keep that pace. I fell behind after the 3rd set but just went as fast as I could until I completed the 8 sets.
32 and 30 C2B’s
– This was harder than I thought it would be. The DU’s killed me. My forearms were still tired from the C2B’s. 1 miss on the set of 100. 3 misses on the set of 75. Another 3 misses on the set of 50. I usually don’t have that problem with DU’s.

– Took awhile longer to warm up the shoulders today.
– Don’t feel nearly as fresh as last week and I was sick last week.

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