Sat 17JAN15

AM (didn’t do)
AD 10 min
Row 10 min
RTW 20 min

PM (9:00 am)
18 min AMRAP
30 Ground to overhead – 165#
100 Bar-facing burpees
30 Muscle-ups

1 complete round + 1 G2OH
– G2OH’s split all into 3’s. Felt easy. I think these took under 4 min, forgot to look.
– Burpees were all pretty consistent. Got done with these with 6:30 left.
– First MU was at the 6 min mark. Split up in 3/3/2’s the rest of the way. Last 2 were singles though. Had about 10 sec. left so I ran over and was only able to get in 1 G2OH. MU’s felt the easiest they have for 30 in a row. Pulls were easy. Dips (triceps) were starting to get tired towards the end but not nearly as bad as they have in the past. This workout felt almost purely aerobic which feels awesome mentally.

Thu 15JAN15

8:30 AM
AD 50 min @Z1

4:30 PM
A. PC&J – build to a tough single in 10 min
B. PP; 3,2,1; rest 2-3 min – tough sets, from blocks
12 min AMRAP
100 Wall balls – 20# 10’
75 Shoulder to overhead – 75#
50 Alternating pistols – 25/leg
25 HSPU – maximum hand allowance 36×24″

A. 260
– Cleans felt heavy but went up easy. Jerks felt heavy.
B. 200, 220, 240
– Did not have blocks. Just went to front rack position each rep.
1 complete round + 30 wall balls
– Wall balls split up into 25’s. Done with 8:15 time remaining.
– S2OH split up into 25’s. Reps did slow down at the end. All were push jerks.
– Pistols were all UB. Never stopped to shake it out. Did slow a bit but never walked it off.
– HSPU’s started with 11 solid until I lost balance. Knocked out 8 which were slower. Finished with an even slower 6.
– Last bit of wall balls were split up into 15’s.
– Legs didn’t hurt. Shoulders burned like hell.