Sat 03JAN15

AD 30 min @EASY oace

PM (10:30 am)
A. Power clean and push jerk – build to a max
B. FT: 35 MU

A. 290
– PC form was starting to get bad so I stopped there. Push jerks felt great.
B. 5:57 total time
– Took me 4:30 to do 29 of them. PR for 30 of them is 5:09.
– There was no real shoulder fatigue from the pulls. It was all tricep fatigue. Very happy with that.
– Split it up… 5 sets of 4, 3 sets of 3, 3 sets of 2.

Started off with 10 min easy AD since I couldn’t get the am work in. The gym is only open 8 to Noon.

Fri 02JAN15

9:00 AM
Row 2k TT

6:38.7 total time
1:39.7 avg/500m
– Hamstring and quads were sore. GHD work has been making me pretty sore. Paced this one, unlike last week’s 2k row. Last week went out hard and tried to hold on. This week paced it and picked it up the last little bit. Score was 3 seconds faster last week.

5:00 PM
A. Squat snatch – build to a tough Tng double
B. for time: 20 C&J – 77% of max – full squat
Deadlift – 315#

A. 230
– My waist is bruised and swollen from the snatches Tue/Wed. Hurt a lot to snatch today. Could have probably done more.
B. done at 245#
– All push jerks. Total time was 8:16. Felt heavy quick. Quads were on fire so getting out of the bottom was a struggle.
– Deadlifts: 7/7/7; 8/7; 5/4
– HSPU’s: Pretty much all UB. Lost balance after 10 on the set of 15 but got going right away again.