Tue 16DEC14

8:00 AM
AD 30 seconds @85%
AD 30 seconds @50%
X 30

3:00 PM
A. Build to a heavy single – snatch
B. Build to a heavy single – C&J
CF regional workout #4 – 2011 (100’s)
100 Pull ups (5’s)
100 KBS 53# (10’s)
100 DU’s (50/50)
100 OHS 95# (10’s with last set being 20)
AD 15 min @Z1

A. 220
– Pulls felt very very heavy. Haven’t snatched heavy in awhile and I can tell. My form felt off when it got heavier.
B. 295
– Pulls also felt heavy but form felt really good for both the clean and the jerk. Could have definitely gone heavier but stopped. Jerks felt especially easy.
– Pull ups felt awful. Biceps and forearms are still sore. Hands are torn up a bit. Bad pull ups led to awful feeling KBS’s. Lats were then on fire and obviously my grip was shot. DU’s not bad, just mental, especially just holding onto the rope. OHS’s after knocking out 40 quick the legs really started to feel it more than I thought they would.

– Going to eat a bunch of calories and get extra sleep on Wednesday just so I recover.


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