Sat 08NOV14

7 am:
A. front squat @ 20×0 (quick); 3 reps; rest 45 sec x 12 sets (last week here)
B. close grip bench press @ 22×2; 3.3.3 reps; rest 15 sec bw clusters; rest 3 min x 3 sets
C. rear foot elevated split squat @ 30×1; 5 reps/leg; rest 30 sec bw legs; rest 3 mi x 3 sets
for time:
20 hang squat clean 225#
every min hit 3 muscle up
12 min easy spin AD cool down (only went for 6 min due to having to coach class)

A. all 235
B. 185, 195, 205
– stayed light due to really bad left shoulder pain. probably shouldn’t have benched at all.
C. all with 53#/h
4:02 (7/4/4/5)
– technically missed the very last rep but I stopped anyway. I went for it all on the last set trying to finish and went for the attempt with 2 seconds left.

– woke up again with pretty bad pain in my left shoulder. went and saw the chiropractor. he thinks I’m sleeping on my shoulder weird and is causing the pain in the AC joint. he thinks part of the problem is also that I have really tight biceps (probably from all the c2b’s) which is causing the AC joint pain. he is scrapping my bicep on Wednesday.
– woke up Sunday morning after taking a bunch of ibuprofen and making sure I sleep only on my back. my shoulder feels 100% with no pain at all.


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