Fri 07NOV14

6:45 am:
walk fasted 60 min relaxed
-walked dogs for 55 min around town

4:00 pm:
A. supinated strict press @ 20×2; 2.2.2 clusters; rest 10 sec bw clusters; rest 3 min x 4 sets
B. 2 power snatch tng; rest 30 sec x 8 sets
C1. banded face pull (high elbows) @ 30×2; 8 reps; rest 30 sec
C2. barbell high pull @ 20×2; 8 reps; rest 2 min x 4 sets
2 rd’s for time:
25 CTB pull up

A. 125, 135, 140, 150
– felt better than last week.
B all 185#
– should have filmed but forgot ipad. Felt good. Not dropping my butt low enough for second rep because my lower back was getting fatigued.
C1. thin black band
C2. 45# bar strict, clean grip
– all hspu’s UB and c2b’s where all 5’s. felt alright. wish I could have filmed it.


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