Mon 06OCT14

8:15 AM
AD 30 sec @90%
AD 30 sec slow spin @50%
x 24

3:30 PM
A. FS @20X1; 5,5,5,5,5; rest 3-4 min (75%)
B. Emom 12 min –
odd – Press x 1 (85%) – from blocks
even – push press x 3 – from blocks (same weight as press)
C. For time: 5-4-3-2-1 (squat clean – 225#)
9 min amrap @90%:
30m prowler push HEAVY (180#+prowler)
3 wall walks
50m FW (100#/h)… did 70#/h instead, do not have 100# weights
5 pHSPU, (8″def.)


A. 275#
B. 165#
C. 2:55, all sets done as written
3+ prowler push

FS’s hit the CNS perfectly, felt good. Presses solid. Squat cleans were a quad burner. Prowler burned the quads at the end. pHSPU felt alright. 1st and 3rd sets got no rep’d on last one (lost control on the way up) with 2nd set UB.


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